4 Easy Ways to Incorporate CBD Into Your Everyday Routine

4 Easy Ways to Incorporate CBD Into Your Everyday Routine

Posted by Steve Litteer, Founder & CEO of 4Fathers Organics, LLC on Sep 11th 2021

So you have decided to jump on the CBD bandwagon and make it a part of your journey to a liberating and happier life. Let us tell you that it is a decision you will never regret. Millions of people all around the world have incorporated CBD into their daily routine in a bid to reap its many potential benefits. Whether you want to use CBD for general wellness or for a specific need, there are many ways in which it can help you. Even though inhalation of CBD (e.g., vaping and smoking) is known to be the fastest and most effective way to experience the benefits CBD can offer, there are various other methods of ingesting CBD that do not require inhalation that can be effective as well. Here are four (4) other ways you can incorporate CBD into your daily routine, which do not involve inhalation:

1. CBD tinctures

One of the most common ways to enjoy your daily dose of CBD that does not require inhalation is through tinctures. CBD tinctures are available in a wide variety of flavors and usually come with a 1mL measured dropper, which allows you to easily quantify the serving size that works best for you. All you need to do is measure out the amount of fluid using the dropper and then squeeze it under your tongue. Hold the liquid in your mouth for a few minutes, rub it around and then swallow. This is a fast-acting way to use CBD regularly. The effect generally occurs within 15-20 minutes and often lasts approximately 2-3 hours, sometimes longer.

2. Water-Soluble Nano CBD Softgel Capsules

Much like CBD tinctures, water-soluble CBD softgel capsules are another convenient way to use CBD daily. You can keep the capsules with the rest of your vitamins and supplements, which can help you remember to take them every day. Since most of us are already used to having capsules every morning, adding the CBD capsules to the mix will not take any effort. Some water-soluble CBD softgel capsules are manufactured using nano-emulsion technology which is a fancy way of saying that the particle size of the CBD is broken down into very small units to promote higher absorption. Common terms you might see used for this type of product are Nano Softgels and Nano CBD. As compared to other CBD edible products, the initial effects of water-soluble nano CBD softgel capsules are typically experienced faster, typically within an hour or less. Just like most CBD edible products, the effects have been know to last between 6-8 hours.

3. Energy drinks

A hectic professional and personal life can take a toll on our overall state of wellness, draining away our energy at times. Luckily, CBD has the potential to help alleviate this issue. CBD Energy drinks are a fun and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of CBD in your daily life. They are also a great alternative to your post-workout snacks. At 4Fathers Organics, we offer one of Joy Organics best selling products, their berry-flavored CBD Energy Drinks, which comprise of a box of 5 energy drink powder mix packets that need to be mixed in with water. Since this type of CBD product is water-soluble, the effects generally occur between 20 minutes to an hour.

4. CBD gummies

If you like your sugary treats, you will surely appreciate the sweetness of CBD gummies. CBD edibles such as the Green Apple CBD Gummies and Strawberry-Lemonade CBD Gummies that are available at 4Fathers Organics, is one of the better products for those trying CBD for the first time. They are flavorful and effective, and chances are you don’t need any reminding to eat one or two of these every day. CBD edible products such as CBD gummies, generally take between 1-3 hours to take effect and can last between 6-8 hours. Regardless of whether you take CBD gummies for daytime or nighttime use, CBD gummies are a great way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

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