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You know...the cannabis plant wasn’t always so misunderstood. In fact, history says our own founding fathers grew hemp and consumed it too. After years of unjust regulations and restrictions, we couldn’t be more proud to get back to our all-natural roots. Join our journey and begin healing more organically - shop our distinguished collection of hemp & CBD goods, here. 

CBG Products

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    CBG Tincture Oil with CBG Hemp Flower blooming in the background

    Organic CBG Tincture Oil

    * CBG is the mother of all cannabinoids and you can get yours in a 30mL bottle with Head & Heal's 600mg “Focus” CBG Tincture Oil * USDA Certified Organic * Locally sourced out of Cortland NY * 10mg CBG and 10mg CBD per Serving * Full-Spectrum Oil -...

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